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Commerzbank Opening Guide

How to open your GiroKonto bank account online!

Short: Opening your account

  1. Your online application
    Fill out the online application. You define your user name and PIN for online banking yourself. You will then see your new IBAN and your order confirmation.
  2. Your documents
    You can now save your application and will immediately receive an email with all important documents as well as the cancellation policy
  3. Confirmation of your identity
    You can verify your identity via video chat, PostIdent procedure or in one of our branches. You will receive all the necessary information by mail.
  4. The photoTAN activation
    After 1-2 working days you will receive the letter to activate the photoTAN procedure in your online banking. Now your account is entirely digitally usable!
  5. The PIN for your card
    For security reasons, we will first send you the PIN for your Girocard on the next working day after the legitimization.
  6. Your new Girocard
    About four business days later, you will receive your new Girocard in a separate letter.
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Your Commerzbank Guide

Commerzbank offers everything an English-speaking customer could wish for. Customer service and online banking in English and many additional advantages.

We are happy to help you with our free guide to open your Commerzbank account now.

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Step by step: Opening your bank account

Personal Data (Personendaten)
Personal Data (Personendaten)

 Anrede: Select your sex here (Frau=Female / Herr=Male)

 Titel: Academic Title (Dr. / Dr.Dr. / Dr.h.c.), this is optional

 Vorname(n): Enter your first name(s) here as stated on your ID/passport

 Nachname: Enter your last name as stated on your ID/passport

 Geburtsname: Enter your maiden name as stated on your ID/passport (if applicable)

 Geburtsdatum: Enter your date of birth (Format: DD.MM.YYYY)

 Geburtsort: Enter your place of birth as stated on your ID/passport

 Geburtsland: Select your country of birth

 Staatsangehörigkeit: Select your citizenship

Registered Address (Meldeadresse)

The address has to be the one that is on your ID/proof of residence – the place where you are registered in Germany.

Registered Address (Meldeadresse)

 Postleitzahl: Enter your postcode

 Wohnort: Enter your city

 Straße: Enter your street name

 Hausnummer: Enter your house number

 Wohnhaft seit: Enter the date since when you are resident at the respective address

Tax information (Steueridentifikationsnummer)
Tax identifcation number

 Steuer-ID: Enter your German tax number (tax identification number – 11-digits). If you do not have one yet, leave blank.

 Weitere steuerliche Ansässigkeit: If you are a tax resident in Germany only leave blank. If you are also a tax resident in other countries please tick the box and select the country and your tax ID in that country.

Employment Status (Arbeitsverhältnis)

 Beruf: Select your occupation:

  • Angestellte/Angestellter: employee
  • Arbeiter und (nichtselbständige) Handwerker: worker
  • Auszubildende/Auszubildender: apprentice
  • Beamte und Behördenangestellte: civil servant
  • Hausfrau/Hausmann: housewife/househusband
  • Ohne Berufsangabe: not specified
  • Rentner und Pensionäre: retirees and pensioners (retired civil servants)
  • Schülerin/Schüler: school student
  • Studentin/Student: university student
  • wirtschaftlich selbstständiger Handwerker: economically independent craftsman
  • wirtschaftlich selbstständige Privatperson: economically independent private individual
Contact Details (Kontaktdaten)

 Mobilfunknummer: Enter your mobile number

 E-Mail(+confirmation): Enter your e-mail address here

Login Details (Zugangsdaten)

 Benutzername: Choose a login name for the online banking (minimum eight characters)

 Wunsch-PIN: Choose a five to eight digit PIN (only letters and numbers possible)

Account Transactions (Kontoumsätze)

 Geldeingänge pro Monat: Enter your current net income per month in EUR. Make sure to enter the total sum of your monthly net income (i.e. salary, income from rental, side job, etc.)

 Bargeld-Transaktionen pro Monat: How many cash transactions do you expect to have per month in EUR. This comprises for example cash withdrawals or checks.

 Ich tätige / erhalte regelmäßig Überweisungen ins / aus dem Ausland: Please specify here if you will have regular transactions from/to abroad (e.g. money transfers to your family abroad). Please also specify the countries involved.

Additional Mastercard Debit (Kreditkarte)

 Credit Card: Select here if you want to order an additional Mastercard Debit for 3.50 EUR/month. This is optional. By default the Commerzbank account comes with a Girocard debit card.

Securities Account (Depot)

 Securities Account: Select here if you want to open a securities account (e.g. for trading stocks). This is optional.

Legal Conditions (Rechtliches)

 Email Communication: By ticking this box you agree to receive the details of your account opening by e-mail

  By ticking this box you agree to open your Commerzbank account for yourself and not for another person.

 You agree to have received the information about the deposit protection

 You confirm to have read the information about the scope of the deposit protection

Information Service (Informations-Service)

 By ticking these boxes you agree to receive information about new offers from Commerzbank via phone and/or e-mail. Necessary for starting credit!

 By ticking this box you allow Commerzbank to use your personal data for financial advisory services.

 By ticking this box you allow Commerzbank to submit your personal data to other companies for financial advisory services.

Confirmation & Documents
Confirm your entries

Check on the next page if the data you have entered is correct and click on:


After this you can Download (Antrag herunterladen) or receive all documents by email (Antrag per E-Mail senden)


In the next step you can choose which process you want to use to prove your identity:

You have three options to prove your identity:

  1. VideoIdent
  2. PostIdent
  3. Prove your identity in a Commerzbank branch

The first one is the VideoIdent procedure where you can prove your identity via videochat. You just need to download the Commerzbank VideoIdent app on your smartphone, enter the reference number (will be sent your mobile number) in the app and prove your identity with your passport/ID card and specimen signature on paper via videochat. Here’s a short video (in English), explaining the process:

You can verify your identity using PostIdent or walk go to a Commerzbank branch.

If you are using the branch, make sure to go to one which is closest to your residence, and make an appointment.

If you are using PostIdent, make sure to take all the documents, including the PostIdent Voucher. Click here to learn about how to do PostIdent.